Land for Commercial Use

The following information is required by Natoaganeg Chief and Council for all of those acquiring land for commercial use.

*Note*: Chief and Council reserve the right not to approve your request. Land will not be designated until the application is approved.


  • Provided proof of membership within the Natoaganeg First Nation Band
  • Fully Completed Land Application
  • Provided a Business Plan and/or specific details on the commercial use of land
  • Provided Commercial land details and details of development
  • Provided an Environmental Assessment and/or any relevant documents pertaining to the impacts on the land, where applicable
  • Provided a Land Survey, if not already completed. (Note: this will need to be done in collaboration with Natoaganeg First Nation)
  • Any other documents to assist in the application process
  • Read all documentation provided (Natoaganeg Land Use Policy Guidelines 2021 and Land Use Policy December 2022)

**Disclaimer: Submitting  a Commercial Application does not guarantee that your application will be approved.  Failing to complete and provide all information required, will result in the  application not being processed and considered by Council.  Note that no construction on proposed land will be permitted  by Natoaganeg until a written letter of approval and conditions, along with a Band Council Resolution (BCR,) is provided to the applicant.

Form Options

Fill out the online version of the form OR download a PDF version


Department Contacts

Sydney Paul, BBA
Economic Development Officer
Phone: 506-627-4604 ext. 698
Fax: 506-627-4605