Capital and Housing


The Capital and Housing Department consists of 2 branches, Capital (Public Works) and Housing. The Capital Branch oversees the operations and maintenance of all capital assets such as community buildings, roads, water and wastewater services while the Housing Branch oversees the operations and maintenance of Natoaganeg’s housing portfolio. The Capital and Housing Departments are also responsible for the delivery of the federal government programs that support capital and housing projects and services.



The capital services through the department consist of roadway maintenance, road signage, speed controls (radar signs and speed bumps), central water system operations and maintenance, central wastewater system operations and maintenance and solid waste management (garbage and recycling collections).

Natoaganeg works closely with the North Shore Micmac District Council and utilizes their Technical Services as part of our Capital Program.

  • NSMDC Related Services
    • Overall responsible operator/Water HUB
    • Asset Management Program
    • Maintenance Management Program
    • Solid Waste Management
    • Emergency Measures
    • Engineering and Project Management Support


The following policies guide the delivery of services and informs community members of what to expect when services are delivered.


  • Annual flushing programs for water and wastewater
  • Fire hydrant maintenance and repair

Active Capital Projects

  • Natoaganeg Women’s Shelter (Status: Construction - Foundation)
  • Child and Family Services Building (Completed and Commissioned - December 2022)
  • Analysis of Water Main Dead Ends
  • NSMDC Building (Detailed Design Phase)
  • Public Works Building (Feasibility Assessment and Conceptual Design)
  • Church Road Extension (Cleared Right of Way)
  • Training Development Centre Expansion (RFP for Detailed Design and Tender Package)
  • Health Center Extension (Preliminary Discussions)



The housing services through the department consist of housing repairs and renovations, new housing construction, inspection services, energy efficiency program delivery and basic home maintenance training.

  • Housing Request Form (Application for new housing or renovations/repairs)


  • Natoaganeg Home Improvement Incentive Program
  • Section 10 On-Reserve Mortgage Program
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Programs (On-Reserve)

Renovations and Repairs

New Construction

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Programs

  • Section 95 Housing Program (CMHC Subsidised Housing)
  • RBC On-Reserve Mortgage Program
  • Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP or RRAP-R)
  • Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program for Disabilities (RRAP-D)
  • Home Adaptation for Seniors Independence
  • Emergency Repairs Program
  • Other (

Active Housing Projects

  • Housing Regeneration – 47 Riverview Road East
  • Section 95 unit 1 – 6 Augustine Road
  • Section 95 unit 2 – 10 Augustine Road
  • 1st time home buyer – 19 Micmac Road
  • 1st time home buyer – Sark Court
  • ISC New Housing – Moses Road
  • ISC Housing Renovations – Various Locations
  • HASI

Department Information

Department Contacts

Richard Lloyd, P.Eng.
Director of Capital and Housing
Office: (506) 627-4660

Mark Metallic, P.Tech.
Housing Manager
Office: (506) 627-6345

Genny Murphy
Housing Clerk
Office: (506) 627-4659

Mario LaPointe, P.Tech.
Capital/Housing Consultant
Cell: (506) 522-8379

Public Works Manager

Reggie Larry
Facilities Superintendent

John Simonson
Water Operator
Cell: (506) 625-6993

Terry Vicaire
Housing Maintenance
Cell: (506) 210-3025