Social Development


The Social Development Department at Natoaganeg First Nation offers a range of assistance programs to meet the needs of community members. The overall objective of the social development program is to provide financial assistance to persons in need and to facilitate their movement towards independence and self-sufficiency.


Workability Program:  to help clients gain or regain self-support and/or become self-reliant.

Basic Allowance: This program provides assistance with basic needs, such as food and clothing, to community members in need.

Special Needs: The Special Needs program provides assistance to community members with disabilities to help meet their unique needs.

Shelter Allowance: This program provides financial assistance for community members to help with rental/housing costs.

Case Management for applicants - TBD

Active Projects

Workability is an ongoing project providing work experience opportunities to assist clients in participating in the economy to the fullest of their ability.

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Department Contacts

Carol Ann Francis
Director Social Development

Jay Augustine
Social Development Officer

Tanya McGraw
Administrative Assistant