Chief & Council


The Chief and Council play a critical role in the governance of Natoageneg First Nations. Led by Chief George Ginnish, they work together to make decisions that ensure the well-being and prosperity of our community.

The Chief represents our community in various settings and advocates for our interests, while the Council makes decisions that affect our community and oversees the management of our resources. Together, they are committed to promoting the well-being of our community and advancing our vision for a prosperous future.

Council: Tyler Patles, Merrill Martin, Galen Augustine, Julie McKay, Kelvin J. Simonson, Willie Sark, Devin Ward, Mike Simon, Arthur Simon, Grant Patles.



47 Church St.
Eel Ground, NB
E0K 1B0

(Tel.) 506-627-4600
(Fax) 506-627-4602

Chief George Ginnish