Natoaganeg First Nation

Natoaganeg First Nation, also known as Eel Ground First Nation, is a Mi'kmaq community located in New Brunswick, Canada. The community has approximately 1094 members and is comprised of three reserves, including Eel Ground #2, Big Hole Tract #8, and Renous #12.

The community has a rich history and culture, with roots dating back thousands of years. The Mi'kmaq people have a deep connection to the land and water, and our way of life is centered around traditional practices such as hunting, fishing, and gathering for feasts and celebrations.

Today, the Natoaganeg First Nation is a thriving community, with a strong sense of identity and a commitment to their cultural traditions. The community is actively engaged in economic development, education, health, and social services, and is dedicated to building a bright future for their people.