Land Application Form for Commercial Use

Land for Commercial Use

The following information is required by Natoaganeg Chief and Council for all of those acquiring land for commercial use.

*Note*: Chief and Council reserve the right not to approve your request. Land will not be designated until the application is approved.


  • Provided proof of membership within the Natoaganeg First Nation Band
  • Fully Completed Land Application
  • Provide a Plan and design for use of land
  • Provide Project Details and timelines
  • Provide Site Plan
  • Provide Environmental Review and/or any relevant documents pertaining to the impacts on the land
  • Provide an Land Survey (note: this will need to be done in collaboration with Natoaganeg First Nation)
  • Any other documents to assist in the application process
  • Read all documentation provided (Natoaganeg Land Use Policy Guidelines 2021 and Land Use Policy December 2022)